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Networks, Our Beliefs

As a small non-profit organization, Networks is committed to utilizing innovative organizational and management practices. We use our personal experiences and learnings as the basis for various Training and Technical Assistance activities to inform others as to possible strategies to further develop their organizations.

From our early beginnings in 1992, we have held firm to the ideal that a business could be both humanistic in all its dealings and still deliver quality products and services. Now in our tenth year of operation, Networks continues to grow in both a fiscally sound and ethically strong manner, demonstrating to others that this idea can and does work.

Networks is a 501C3 Charitable non-profit organization but we actively study, practice, and disseminate information to others on current trends from our 'business world' colleagues as well as from the 'human service world'. Ours is a blend of business savvy and giving back to the world.

While we are best known for our primary activities assisting people with disabilities to live inclusive and fulfilling lives, we have also become recognized for our somewhat different approach to organizational structure and infrastructure, management practices, and day-to-day operations. These core beliefs and foundations in promoting inclusive communities have helped us create together a vibrant and viable enterprise and also true expertise to assist other organizations, groups, and businesses.

What We Offer / Services Available

Through our Organizational Development Services activities, Networks provides help to community groups, associations, both for-profit and non-profit businesses, government offices, schools, and employees within any of these. Our Services have been utilized by others to help initiate or develop new strategies as well as to rethink current practices. Typically, these Services are offered via Training or Technical Assistance. The following represents some of our offerings:

  • Training (small and large group instruction)
    - Supervisory Development
    - Innovative Management Practices
    - Grantwriting and Development
    - Team Development and Facilitation
    - Developing a Mentoring Program
    - Advertising, Developing, and Marketing Your Winning Products!
    - Importance of Quality Improvement
    - Methods of Strategic Planning

  • Technical Assistance (direct consultation)
    - Retreat Facilitation
    - Program Development
    - Program Evaluation
    - Strategic Planning
    - Human Resources Assistance
    - Systems Planning
    - Collaborative Projects Design
    - Community Building

    To request Technical Assistance, click here Training and Technical Assistance Request Form or call Rosa McAllister at 610-935-6627 or 1-866-683-3651.



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